Enjoy the Holidays with No Stress

Many people, when asked the question ‘what is your favourite time of the year’ will have the same answer: Christmas time. Christmas is the holiday at the end of the year that both children and adults look forward to all year long. There’s so many things to enjoy in this festive season; gift exchanging, massive feasts, friends and family coming to visit from all over the globe… what’s there not to like?!

While there are many things to enjoy about the Christmas holidays, it – very unfortunately – does not come stress and hassle free. It’s one thing to imagine sitting around the ethanol fireplace with your loved ones, unwrapping gifts and listening to festive tunes, it’s a whole other thing to actually make this image a reality.

With Christmas, there is an endless list of things to prepare and organize – but luckily, with the help of The Bawtie Festive Guide, you can make your Christmas a stress and worry free one. Take a look below and through the other pages of the website for the best tips and advice to helping you prepare and enjoy the holidays.

Getting Ready for Christmas

Tips for being prepared for Christmas


The best thing you can do to prepare for Christmas is to start budgeting as early on as possible. You don’t have to wait til the month of December to start getting funds ready for the holidays – you can start saving as early on as January! Rather than leave things to the last minute, you can put a little bit of money away each week or month earlier on in the year. Take a look at this handy savings calculator to see how much you can potentially save for Christmas.

You can even get the kids involved with saving. If they have a part time job or they earn pocket money, suggest that they do similar budgeting to you so that they have money for buying presents (or at least to go and spend on all the sales on Boxing Day).


Once you have your allocated Christmas budget, you can start the planning process. Create a Christmas checklist of everything involved with the upcoming holiday – consider things like presents, decorations, food, beverages etc. You can then allocate parts of your budget to each different part of Christmas.

You can also start planning Christmas presents – including how much to spend on each person and ideas for what to get them. You can read more a bout this on the Presents page.

Friends and family

One thing that can easily become quite stressful is if you’re having lot’s of guests over. Whether it’s friends or family coming to stay, things can easily get out of control if the house is packed full of people, so you’ll want to make sure everything is well prepared in advance before they come.

You’ll want to make sure there is plenty of beds/room for the guests to stay in, otherwise you might want to consider putting them in a local motel or hotel.

You’ll also want to make sure you have plenty of food to accommodate everyone that is staying.