Making Delicious Christmas Feasts

Christmas MealsGiven that you have family and/or friends on board to help out, Christmas feasts are a great time to share with your guests. With Christmas breakfast, lunch and dinner, you have plenty of opportunity to impress your guests and serve them delicious, mouth watering food.

There’s a few things you’ll want to keep in mind before choosing anything for the Christmas menu:

Allergies – does anyone attending your house for Christmas suffer from any allergies? It’s important to know if anyone does, as you’ll need to avoid and recipes that have something that could give them a reaction (or at least, keep it well clear of them).

Dietary needs – is anyone attending your house for Christmas a vegan? Vegetarian? Can’t tolerate dairy? Make sure you find out all dietary needs, so that you can ensure there are plenty of options for everyone.

Once you are fully aware of the needs of your guests, you can start planning for the meals you intend to make on Christmas day.

Christmas meal ideas


Whip out those sausages, bacon and eggs – it’s time to make a great Christmas breakfast! If you have lots of guests staying over, this is your chance to make everything and anything for breakfast – start with the typical eggs and bacon, now add tomatoes, hash browns, mushrooms and toast. You can have a selection of sweet things too, like pancakes and french toast.


Lunch is the perfect opportunity to get out the barbie for a family BBQ. Burgers and sausages in blankets are the perfect foods for this, as well as colourful salads. You can also barbeque any leftovers from breakfast!


Now is the time to really let your cooking skills loose! Roast chickens, lambs or pork is a great main Christmas dinner dish. Add lots of sides like garlic potatoes, buttered carrots, corn and yams.